Sunday, August 11, 2013

I wish to travel all around the globe!

It has been weeks since I returned from my last trip to Seoul. Looking at the above pictures that I've taken in Seoul make me miss the place so much! I hope I can return to Seoul with my boy next Feb/March!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hong Kong Aug'12 Part II

Flashback of my Hong Kong trip with the girls last August. Side track alil, I'm really thrilled about my upcoming Seoul trip with darlingsing - it's happening in less than a month time! We have yet to do our research... So, if you do have any recommendations on where to get good food, cheap & good shopping places, clubs etc you could email the infos and recommendations to me at! Your kind gesture is greatly appreciated! ;)

Ok, back to the Hong Kong trip...
On our 2nd day of the trip...
Our agenda were to SHOP! Non-stop shopping! First stop after breakie at the famous HK cafe at Mongkok was Fa Yuen Street! We had a rough time locating Fa Yuen Street, our sense of direction are quite bad hence we kept taking the wrong route -_-" Ended up asking several passerby for help and eventually, we managed to get to Fa Yuen Street and had a really good time fishing for good & cheap clothes/shoes/clutches etc and spent almost the entire day there.

We walked streets after streets in hope to search for a good dining place to settle down for our dinner but we were left with disappointment :(  We were too exhausted to continue walking in the massive crowd in mongkok and decided to head back to the same HK cafe we had breakie at that morning.

After dinner, our next destination was argyle centre and new town mall at Mongkok for more shopping and to get my favourite cold noodles!

Alright. Enough of words...
Shall let the pictures to do the talking now...


The no.1 camwhore! :X






Famous cold noodles at Arglyn Centre at Mongkok. Must have when I'm in HK.


Till then...
Have a fantastic weekend!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Random update of my life

Have been away from this lil' space of mine for slightly more than a month. Being a procrastinator as always, I can't seems to get things done on time (in particularly blogging) :X

I would love to but I couldn't find the time to spare for updating this lil space :( Have been really caught up with work, and when I returns home I would rather spend my time catching up on my favourite drama series or repaying my sleeping debt. 

As I'm typing, my eyelids are getting heavier that I could just doze off almost instantaneously -_-" 

Ok, I'm done with this post. Till then. 

Good nighty!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hot & Red

I'm so into the red & hot lips trend these days... I'm using bodyshop lip & cheek stain in red instead of the usual red lipsticks or gloss... It stays on longer and looks more natural in my opinion.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Being a glutton, I always have sudden and massive food cravings! The followings are some of the food that I'm having craving for!

Hopefully, I can satisfy my craving by this weekend!

Happy Easter!

How's your 2013 so far?

Hi strangers, how's 2013 treating you so far? Mine? It hasn't exactly been
good thus far... But, I am optimistic that good things will come by very soon. :) 

I have had quite an eventful 2013 so far... Events that took place beyond my expectation and imagination, and in addition, these were the unfortunate & unhappy events. Well, I shan't cry over spilled milk. Life still goes on. :)

Just in case, you misses my face... 
I am flooding this post with plenty of my self shots and #OOTD shots :X 
(U have been WARNED!)


And, the OOTD shots:

My sincere apologies if I have grossed you out with my selfies! :X

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I rested my case...
Till then.